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As you can already tell, this place is bilingual (EspaƱol and English). Do use a translator when needed.

Here's my guestbook, if you want to leave a comment, suggestion, or death threat. /j

Happy browsing !!!!

Site launch?! 12/03/23

I find it humorous that I've been obssesed with Spamton since the year he was revealed to the world but the first web shrine I finish is of the cringe bird girl that i found again february of this year lol.

hate her so MUCH!!! /j /aff

To be fair, making her shrine really pushed me to actually uploading my whole website. (though not all of it is done, i still wanted to get that page out to the public hehe)

It also helped me prove myself I can start and finish what I say I wanna freaking start and finish, god!!!

And *also* helped "testing" my adhd meds. I have no fucking idea what they do???

Only time will tell......

Until then,
Se despide Astrito.

bye bye :3
spunchtop moments !!!!!

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